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Gina has been exploring the mind-body connection ever since receiving her first massage in 2013. While visiting a friend in Thailand, she figured she had to experience the highly recommended Thai massage. She was astonished and very pleased to discover a new awareness of her body. It was as if the massage had awakened underused muscles and tissues, leading to an improved sense of range of motion and vitality. The results were more than just mechanical. Her body felt more connected and whole. Her mind seemed to communicate better with the body, allowing her to notice certain compensatory patterns and postural issues as well. She has since continued to explore the wisdom of the body through a variety of activities she had always enjoyed, but with an enhanced perception and curiosity of how the body optimally functions. Dancing, yoga, surfing, and snowboarding all became exercises and lessons of the mind-body connection. Gina believes there is a near infinite amount of knowledge one can attain on this subject. Massage is just one, but a very powerful method of tapping into this wealth. Massage not only addresses pain and structural issues of muscles and joints, but it reminds one to be aware of daily habits that might be inefficient at best.

Gina pursued her passion by attending the Elizabeth Grady School of Massage Therapy. She was educated in many modalities including myofascial release, Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and sports massage. After graduating, she immediately pursued a certification in level one Thai Massage. Gina continues to learn how to help others, hoping to inspire a process of optimum health and wellness in each of her clients.

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Fridays 2 - 9