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“I am so honored to work with my clients. For massage to be effective, it requires trust and communication, and to be tasked with helping someone heal is as great a reward as it is a responsibility.”

Jay Tonge started out providing intuitive massage as a child, learning to address the aches and pains of family members. Jay’s understanding of the effects of touch and soft-tissue manipulation developed alongside a passion for anatomy, medical science, and holistic health, and they graduated from The Massage School in Boston’s South End in 2017. There, they learned multiple modalities and techniques from which they draw even greater experience and understanding.

Jay regularly utilizes shiatsu stretching, trigger point therapy, and intentional touch in their sessions, and is eager to learn more about neuromuscular relationships; how relationships between the mind and the body establish distinct patterns of movement and posture. Jay also recognizes the importance of safe spaces in which transgender people can receive massage, and is working to provide massage as an accessible resource for the Boston transgender community. Jay’s practice is rooted in learning the myriad ways that life experiences can contribute to bodily dysfunction, and to find means for clients to help address mind-body disconnect. Jay seeks to establish in their clients a sense of well-being, healthfulness, rest, and composure.

In their free time, Jay enjoys writing, hiking, knitting, and being surrounded by plants.

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Wednesday: 2 - 9

Sunday: 10 - 6