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The Floating Tank at the Boston Bodyworker

If you have never floated before, you are in for a unique experience. Floating is a form of sensory deprivation that can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic. It involves a floating tank filled with body temperature water and loaded with medical grade epsom salt. You then float in the tank in complete darkness. It removes all external stimuli, allowing you to benefit mental and physically. Learn more about the floating tank at the Boston Bodyworker and schedule your appointment today!

How Does Floating Work?

Floating works by removing all of the external stimuli that would normally distract us from being able to focus on ourselves. When you are in a sensory deprivation tank, there is no sound or light, so it's just you and your thoughts which can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic. The benefits include stress relief, pain reduction/relief, and improved sleep quality. Results will vary depending on how someone responds mentally and physically but overall customers report positive results after their floating experience.

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What Is Sensory Reduction?

Sensory reduction is a term used to describe the absence of external stimuli. In other words, sensory reduction refers to removing any type of input that could distract your attention from internal processes, such as thoughts or feelings. When all outside stimuli are removed from your environment, such as sound, sight, and touch, it creates an opportunity for you to focus on yourself, which can lead to increased relaxation and awareness about what's happening inside your body.

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The Benefits of Floating

There are many benefits associated with floating in a sensory deprivation chamber. A few of these include stress relief, pain reduction or relief, and improved sleep quality. Many people who use our floating tank come with a certain purpose in mind. They may be wanting to focus on their breathing, creativity, or even solving a problem at work. When all of the outside stimuli is removed, it becomes easier to focus on your choice of topic. Additionally, floating provides many customers with physical benefits, including relieving chronic joint and muscle pain and reducing the effects of anxiety. 

How to Prepare for a Float Session

We have showers on site so you can rinse off any soaps or makeup that you may have. 

Refrain from waxing or shaving so your skin isn’t irritated by the salt water.

Try not to eat a big meal right beforehand, although you also don’t want your stomach to be growling. We recommend eating an hour beforehand to make sure your attention is not pulled to your stomach. 

We also recommend that you avoid caffeine right before your appointment. The goal is to ensure that you are relaxed and ready for the experience.

When you arrive, if this is your first appointment, we will show you around and explain the ins and outs of the process. You’ll have access to your own private room, and bathing suits are not required for the experience. 

What to Expect

When floating, you can expect to be in a completely dark and soundless environment. The water is also heated to your body's temperature so it will feel like you are just floating in air. It's common to experience different feelings such as weightlessness, relaxation, and even euphoria during a float session. Some people find their mind races with thoughts while others find complete calmness. Going into the experience with an open mind is the best way to benefit from your session.

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