Get Your Back Into It

One of the best things we can do for our patients at The Boston Bodyworker is to provide them with the knowledge and understanding about how our bodies can ‘break-down’ over the course of a day, week and more. The objective of our memberships is to help you achieve better body awareness and to address the issues that you cannot get to on your own. Our therapists enjoy being a part of the solution to keep your body in proper working order. What you do on your own, in conjunction with your treatments with us can significantly prolong the effects of a great clinical massage.

There are several strategies that we convey to you for self-care that can provide your body with significant relief when done with regularity. The following video by a colleague of mine demonstrates a very simple exercise that will help to address a VERY common complaint we here from our patients; it hurts between my shoulder blades. This simple exercise incorporated into your daily routine will have your upper back and neck feeling relief and performing optimally in no time.

There may be no escape from the workload that we encounter, but there is always a better way to combat the impact it can have on our bodies.

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