Halloween Hacked!

Halloween Hacked

Check out these simple hacks!

Who among us doesn’t love Halloween. If I am being honest, it used to be me!  You see, I typically found myself in trouble around this time of year when I was in grammar school.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t always motivated to do what was asked of me in school and as a result, spent many Halloweens sitting at home while my friends all went out Trick or Treating.  Now, I get to live vicariously through my kids and have the fun I missed out on in my youth.  If you are looking to get the most out of this years Tricks & Treats, check out some of these hacks from Buzzfeed.  They are certain to make you (or your kids) the talk of the town.

  1. Mummy Juice Boxes
  2. Jack-O-Lantern Cheeseburgers
  3. Circus Peanut Fingers
  4. Ping Pong Ball and Googly-Eye Wreath
  5. Fang Napkin Holder
  6. Thai-Spiced Deviled Eggs
  7. Demon Eyes for the Backyard
  8. Spider Ice Cubes
  9. Ghostly Spirit Cupcakes
  10. Surgical Glove Party Favor

…and more