Holiday Flavored Life Hacks

With the holidays just around the bend, we thought it would be fun to suggest a couple of cute and simple hacks that are both simple and fun.

Santa’s Foot Prints

Now, Santa doesn’t come to our house and there is no such equivalent (No, Hanukkah Harry is not a thing), but I saw this one and thought it was both cute and simple to do if your kids are either believers of Santa or perhaps on the fence about the whole idea.

Grab a pair of shoe insoles and place them in step of the other. Sprinkle some baby powder or flower around them. Carefully lift the insoles and repeat for a couple of snowy footprints, perhaps leading from the fireplace or cookie dish.
The most frustrating part of the holidays for me is wrapping gifts. For starters, when I go to locate last years supply, it never fails, it’s all wrinkled and inevitably useless, and so I need to buy more. What a waste. Here is a simple fix. When you’re ready to store away the paper for next season, slip the rolls through left over toilet paper or paper towel rolls…..but wait, there’s more! Grab a clear garment bag and slip the neatly rolled gift-wrap inside; hang and store for next season.


Last, when attending the neighborhood Christmas lighting, bring along a big thermos of some hot apple cider and some cups. It’s a great way to generate a few extra good tidings by offering it up to your unsuspecting (and unprepared) neighbors who are shivering. Bonus: Carry a flask of Meyers Dark Rum to spice it up for the grown-ups. Always a big hit.
We hope these hacks lessen the stress of the season and allow you more time to focus on the important things, football, food and family. 😉

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