Life Hack: Iced Cubes

Life Hack: Coffee Cubes (Redux)

As usual in New England, we have gone from Winter to Summer, with Spring being an absentee season (again). Since it feels like Summer is already here, I thought it best to give you a Life Hack that is an oldy, but a goody! Iced Coffee…..CUBES! #mindblown

Yes. I have offered this hack in a past Newsletter. However, considering it was over 3 years ago and about 6 people ever read this, I thought I would share this gold nugget again. This time, I will also provide what I feel is the perfect INSTANT coffee to prep your cubes in a snap; Mount Hagen: Organic Fair-Trade Coffee. Trust me!

It’s simple. Just make up a cup of this or your own favorite coffee and pour it into your ice cube trays. Freeze and enjoy. Now your iced coffee won’t taste like coffee flavored water by the time you finish it.  I will note that you may need to tweak the strength of your coffee if you are making full strength cubes.