Life Hack: Iced Coffee!

Last week I was surprised to learn that I missed “National Iced Coffee day”. The surprise wasn’t really that I missed it, but rather that there is actually a nationally recognized day for iced coffee. I know, I know, there are national holiday’s for pretty much everything these days. To say that commercialism has sucked the life out of actual days of appreciation such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is an understatement. I will not be going on a tirade about this, as much as I would LOVE to.

Instead, I thought I would offer up an invaluable and resourceful way to make this summer time indulgence more enjoyable. It is a system my wife implemented a few years back that was met with an eye roll and snide comment from me….that was until I relished in all of its splendor.

Ready? It’s very simple. Make iced cubes out of coffee and use them to make your iced coffee. Think about it. No more watered down iced coffee. Only a delectable indulgence that gets better and stronger as you consume it. #MindBlown.

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