Life Hack: Jump into Spring

We are in peak season now for burning off some of that winter weight. It’s understandable that the weight gain was for your personal survival through the harsh New England winters. You should be commended for such shrewd instincts. #WickedSmaht 😉

Tis the season for shedding these unwanted pounds, yet in the age of instant gratification, you may be asking yourself what the fastest way is to burn these lbs. I have two words; Jump Rope.

In just 10-15 minutes you can burn 200 calories. How’s that for efficient? Jumping rope is one of the most resourceful means of shedding calories. A bonus is that it helps wake up some fast twitch muscle fibers that have been hibernating all winter and it has gentle impact on your joints. Check out these common means of burning calories and tell me if your inner Rocky doesn’t come screaming out to jump some rope!

Effective ways to Burn 200 Calories:
• Walking (3-4mph) 60 Minutes
• Boxing (punching bag) 20 Minutes
• Hiking 35 Minutes
• Jogging on a Treadmill 30 Minutes
• Dance Aerobics 35 Minutes
• Stationary Bike 40 Minutes
Jumping Rope 15 Minutes

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