Life Hack: Keep your Pumpkins Fresh

With Halloween quickly approaching and the weather being as unpredictable as New England weather can be, the question on everyone’s mind is; “How do I keep my pumpkins from rotting so quickly?”

Ok, perhaps it’s not THE question on everyone’s mind, but you have to admit, it is rather annoying to have rotten pumpkin on your door stoop for weeks, and not look remotely close to their best on the big night. Here is a solution that is quick and easy.

We have all see the “silica” packs that are in many of the items we purchase. You know, the ones that say “Throw away, do not eat.” (Who the heck eats them that they need this disclaimer?) Anyway, grab a few of those and throw them inside your pumpkin. They are specifically used to remove any moisture from the surrounding area. These will help keep your pumpkins dry and slow the rot process.

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