Life Hack: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In this new section of our monthly newsletter, we thought we would offer you some life hacks that may help you to lead a more efficient lifestyle.   Time and again, we have all seen or read about ideas that once they are brought to your attention, you think to yourself; brilliant. Simple. I’m going to use this one. If you have a life hack that you would like to share with us, let us know and we might use it in an upcoming issue.

When my wife and I had our first daughter, we received a ton of advice from family and friends about what information they had for making our lives easier. Although we did receive some solid advice, the best ‘hack’ we discovered was one that was literally staring us right in the face.

Use a dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror to communicate with your partner.

If you have kids, you are aware of that brain cloud we all experience when the hours of lost sleep begin to add up. Between the time you gave the last bottle, the number of ounces consumed, the type of diaper change, the color of the poop and the type and amount of medicine you have administered, you forget all of it almost within the amount of time it takes to put the child safety lid back on the medicine.

Our system was simple. We took a corner of the bathroom mirror and wrote notes for each other, or even ourselves if we pulled a ‘double shift’ about what occurred just a mare 3 hours earlier. This system saved us from a ton of stress, including the biggest stressor of them all. Trying to get your partner to remember how much, what time, etc. all while waking them from the cherished little sleep they are seeking.

Our kids are now 10 and 7, so the hack is not as important, but it has now become a simple and fun way to simply say, “I love you” or to draw a silly face or even to remind yourself of something that you need to get done. Try this life hack for yourself and see if it helps you out.

If you have a life hack that you want us to share with our readers, email us and we may use it in an upcoming newsletter.

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