Life Hack: Pumpkin Life Hack

One of our family’s favorite activities every year is picking out pumpkins and carving them. It’s a time where we can all embrace our individual creativity and take pleasure in an activity that is 100% F-U-N. Over the years we have created some unique carvings, but every year, we work to out do the previous one. It’s never a contest as much as it’s a showcase to put on display, just as many of the other neighbors do.

One thing I have learned over the years is that there is more than one way to carve a “great pumpkin”. Here are some ideas from the people at Buzzfeed that we have also used in the past to inspire our next pumpkin masterpiece. Follow these tips and share with us your creative masterpieces this season.

1. Cut the top for easier scraping. This also makes it easier to put a candle inside

2. Use a dry erase marker instead of a Sharpie, so you can correct any mistakes before you start carving

3. Use a cookie cutter + a mallet

4. Trace a stencil with a nail or tack

5. Make holes with a power drill

6. Use glow-in-the-dark paint + masking tape

7. Preserve with a coating of floor cleaner

8. Use it as a punch bowl or drink cooler

9. Turn it into a keg

10. Give them teeth

Happy Halloween!

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