Life Hack: Tasty Treat for Your Pet

dog-treatSince this newsletter discussed the surgery that my dog had to go through, I thought that I would include a simple ‘Life Hack’ that my 10-year-old daughter showed us that came in handy. When she showed this to us a few weeks ago, my wife and I thought it was a nice idea and that Logan would really appreciate it. Little did we know that it would be a savior for Logan after his surgery.

Summer heat can be brutal to our pets. Keeping cool is so important to maintain their health. This is a simple treat you can make for your pet to help them stay cool. When making tuna from the can, we typically will drain the water and dispose of it. Instead, drain the water into a small ramekin. I like to use the plastic ones you get with salad dressing from take-out. Fill the remainder of the ramekin with water. Place in the freezer and serve on the next hot day.

This hack came in handy after Logan’s surgery because he was refusing to eat or drink in his drug induced state, but we knew he needed to. One whiff of this treat and he perked up and began to lick away. He continued to drink water after this and he was on his way to recovering.

Note: Understanding that tuna is high in sodium, limit the frequency of offering this kind of treat.