Life Hack: The ‘Dutch Reach’ saves Lives

If you haven’t noticed, Boston’s population has increased by over 150,000 in the past couple of weeks. That’s because Boston is home to over 35 colleges and universities. This means that among other things, there will be a lot more bicyclists around the city. If you drive in Boston or in any populated area for that matter, you know we share the road with cyclists. Too often we hear of cyclist who get “doored” by unaware drivers stepping from their parked vehicles. As often as this happens, it is something that can easily be prevented.

The Netherlands is the most popular bicycling community in the world. 63% of Amsterdammers cycle daily. Over 50 years ago, they came up with a resolution to prevent these incidents. The solution is known as the “Dutch Reach”. It is taught to citizens as early as grade school and is part of their laws. Now, Bostonians may not be as progressive in their cycling ways, but we have seen a sharp rise in bike lanes over the past 5 years and the incidents of getting “doored” are much higher.

As a city that prides itself on being inclusive, let’s take the extra step of looking out for each other and utilizing the “Dutch Reach”. You can learn more about the origin of the “Dutch Reach” or watch the quick video below from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to learn a safety tip that could save a life.

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