Life Hack: Under Pressure

Life Hack: Under Pressure

When we think of a “hack” to something, we typically envision some unique way of doing something better and more efficiently than normal. However, some hacks can simply be a means of saving money, not just time.

Last winter, we added some new construction to our home of 15 years. The newer siding on this project really accentuated how ‘off’ white the rest of our home has become over the past 15 years + years since it was sided. We were prepared to make an investment of residing the entire house, because it looked so dirty in contrast to the new addition. That was until my wife made an impulse buy and purchased a pressure washer. We never thought it would have such a dramatic impact on the siding of our home. After spending two days using this simple piece of equipment to wash our home, I can tell you that not only does the entire house look like we had it newly sided, but we easily saved over $10k on the expense of new siding or something else.

To make this an even better ‘hack’, we power washed our front steps made of brick and never imagined they could like someone just installed them this weekend.

Best of all, it was an easy and fun project that everyone in the family enjoyed doing and seeing when it was completed.

boston power wash house

boston power wash walkway