Life Hack: Watermelon; A Slice of summer

Summer time is watermelon time. Not too many fruits can invoke a ‘feeling’ quite the way watermelon can. Have you ever seen a sad person eating watermelon? Me neither.

There are many ways to slice a watermelon, so we thought we would share a couple of videos that demonstrated some quick and effective ways to quickly carve into this refreshing summer treat. However, before you do, you must first know how to select the proper watermelon.

1. Did you know that watermelons can be boys or girls? Round melons are girls(sweeter) and oblong melons are boys (watery)
2. Look for a yellow to orange/gold spot on the melon. This is the ground spot. The closer to orange/gold, the better
3. The stem should be dried out not green. If it’s green, it was picked too soon.
4. Notice the dark, brown veins. The more the better. This is where bees were pollenating the fruit.
5. Size matters. Choose a melon that is not too big or too small.

Check out these videos on how to slice your perfectly picked watermelon.

Also, here is a link to the “smartest” way to slice a watermelon.

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