Members Recovery Lounge

At The Boston Bodyworker, we are constantly motivated to honor our mission to help you “Feel Better”. Coming this April, we are delighted to unveil our newest membership advantage; our Recovery Lounge.

Members will enjoy a dedicated space….exclusive access to a private/semi-private room that has been transformed into a place for you to arrive early or remain after your visit with us or perhaps on another day when you just need to get out of the office. The room can provide multiple uses for our members.

Members can choose to reserve the room for private use for 30 minutes (additional fee applies) or they may enjoy the room in a semi-private manner when it is otherwise available. The room offers multiple recovery benefits for members to choose from.

Here are just a few:

Relax on a heated treatment table and take advantage of a few of our self-care therapy tools such as our neck hammock, still point inducer or therapy balls
Lean back in a zero-gravity chair and slip on our Air Relax Leg Compression sleeves
Roll out an exercise mat and unwind by doing some of those recommended stretches, observing your form in front of our 8×5 mirror
Improve your mobility, strength and flexibility on our Stall Bars
Slip on some Bose wireless headphone and relax to your favorite music
Sip some tea and unwind as you return a few emails or check the latest headlines using our free Wi-Fi

The room will also serve as a place for our members to meet with other wellness professionals around Boston. We will be inviting in professionals such as nutritionists, Chiropractors, Life-Coaches and more to the space so that you may discuss how they may help you with any other wellness goals you should have. Your recommendations are always welcomed.