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Thanks for having our backs!
Helping nearly 200K people #FEELBETTER

VERY special THANK YOU to our staff and friends throughout the years who shared our amazing journey & mission to help Boston #FEELBETTER!





My Dear Friends,

It's with a heavy heart that I share this news with you today. After nearly 25 years of serving the Boston community, I've made the difficult decision to permanently close The Boston Bodyworker. Many of you have been with us since our humble beginnings, while others have only recently become part of our extended family. This city and each of you have left an indelible mark on our hearts, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Currently, my primary focus is aimed at our dedicated staff, many of whom have been with us for close to a decade, some even longer. They have been the backbone of our success, weathering every storm with unwavering dedication and commitment. It pains me to see their loyalty go unrewarded in this manner. Therefore, I humbly ask for your understanding and support during this challenging time, especially as I work to ensure that our staff are taken care of to the best of my ability.

I would like to also thank all the incredible staff who were a part of this amazing journey. Each of you have left an impact on my life and so many others you’ve touched.  It’s been an honor to share my passion for massage therapy with so many of you over these 25 years.

In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of our clients for your unwavering support, loyalty, and dedication to your own personal wellness over the years. Your presence has been a source of strength and inspiration for us all. While this story may be coming to a close, the memories we've shared and the bonds we've formed will endure forever.

With heartfelt thanks and warm regards,

Drew Freedman, Owner


  1. Thank you to ALL of the staff who were a part of the journey!