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Welcome to Boston!

Please let us know if we can help you #feelbetter while you are visiting.

  • Same day appointment requests are limited. Please call us to see if we have any openings.
  • Take advantage of our Self Care shop for any travel aches or pains.
  • We are located on the PLAZA level inside of Wave Health & Fitness


Receive a complimentary Somadome session with your massage service.

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60 Minute Massage

$ 170 no additional fees

90 Minute Massage

$255 no additional fees

20 Minute Somadome

$45 no additional fees

Travel Weary? #FeelBetter

What is a Clinical Massage?

Clinical massage is an exciting new approach to the treatment of numerous pain and injury conditions previously treated only with conventional methods. Providing a comprehensive system of treatment that incorporates a wide variety of massage treatment techniques, Clinical massage enables the practitioner to choose the most effective treatment for a particular condition, making each treatment unique to the individual.


  What is a Somadome?

This revolutionary technology-enabled mediation vessel can provide refreshing healing results in as little as 20 minutes. The Somadome Meditation Pod utilizes the healing powers of LED color and light therapy, binaural beat meditation, and magnetic therapy to create an optimal environment for one to connect to their deepest mental, physical, and spiritual selves to promote healing. Check out the healing benefits of The Somadome Meditation Pod.

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Scan the QR code and take this page with you as you explore our great city. We are here for you when you return to the hotel to help you #feelbetter

The Buzz

"This place is legit, I've only ever had AMAZING massages here. I'm a runner and consistently have tight muscles in my legs from high mileage so I use Boston Bodyworker as maintenance to prevent injury by getting monthly massages. I like deep tissue massage because I think it's most effective, so this place is perfect for me. It's obvious all the staff have a deep understanding of how muscles function because they always find the tight muscles and work them out, and even use active release. So I feel like I'm getting a massage and PT session. Love it."-Sarah