Somadome Meditation Pod: Your Time To Heal


As we progress through life, there are many challenges, situations, and obstacles that we face. The innocent optimism we once had seems to have been beaten down. These often unseen life bruises can take a toll on our mental, physical, and even spiritual well-being. 

At The Boston Bodyworker we are constantly looking for new ways to create and foster healing through our massage services. Along with our clinical massage therapy, we are proud to announce the newest addition to our healing services — The Somadome Meditation Pod.

The Somadome Meditation Pod Technology

This new piece of healing therapy was first thought of in 1996 as part of a moment to create a safe place to go within and “access a world of tranquility.” At The Boston Bodyworker, we aim to further this mission by offering The Somadome Meditation Pod for those seeking total body wellness in the haven of our recovery lounge.

This revolutionary technology-enabled meditation vessel can provide refreshing healing results in as little as 20 minutes. The Somadome Meditation Pod utilizes the healing powers of LED color and light therapy, binaural beat meditation, and magnetic therapy to create an optimal environment for one to connect to their deepest mental, physical, and spiritual selves to promote healing. Check out the healing benefits of The Somadome Meditation Pod.


Increase Mindfulness & Boost Your Mental Health

With the stigma of mental health turning, great effort has shifted to fostering and nurturing our mental well-being. The Somadome Meditation Pod creates a relaxing, restorative environment where our brainwaves can truly focus, reducing the static, noise, and stress that we have been experiencing. The binaural beats meditations target specific areas of the brain that affect mood, attention, and perception of sensory information. This exposure can allow your conscious mind to fully relax, reducing stress, and anxiety and leaving you feeling restored after just 20 minutes.

Elevate Your Physical Body to New Heights

Our physical body’s reaction to negative stress can cause many health issues including heart issues, high blood pressure, fatigue, and more. The Somadome Meditation Pod has been used to treat different health issues through clinical studies and has had positive results. The use of sound for healing uses specific frequencies to create a restorative environment. This optimal environment allows our body’s chemicals to better communicate with one another, fueling natural electromagnetic energy that is critical for physical processes. Color and light therapy are key functions of The Somadome Meditation Pod which can lead to many physical health benefits including:

  • Restoring Your Body’s Natural Frequency To Boost Healing
  • Improving Tissue & Organ Health
  • Reducing Your Response To Stress
  • Elevating Athletic Performance & Recovery 
  • Reducing Body Aches & Pains
  • Promoting A Better, Deeper Quality of Sleep

Empower Your Spiritual Self & Reconnect

While much of the focus surrounding health is on your physical and mental well-being, the third pillar of health also holds importance. No matter your beliefs in a higher power, spiritual health revolves around your ability and belief in living a purposeful life. Your spiritual health is responsible for your feeling of “peace” within yourself and this world you live in. The Somadome Meditation Pod uses restorative therapies to produce positive spiritual uplifting benefits including:

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Internal Support & Foundation For Your Mental Health
  • Improved Personal Relationships Through Deeper Connections
  • Increased Sensory Perception

Are You Ready To Heal?

The Somadome Meditation Pod uses color and light to create a naturally relaxing environment that is in sync with your body’s natural urge to heal. Let the Somadome take you on a journey for deeper healing and restoration. Contact our Boston Bodyworker team to schedule your healing journey today!