Super Bowl Life Hack: Tailgate Cup Holder

With our beloved Patriots back in the big game, we know many of you will be hosting a Super Bowl Party! Nothing ruins a good tailgate more than spills. Let’s take a page directly from Coach Belichick and be prepared for all situations. We all know that the most difficult thing to do at a party is to enjoy some munchies and hold your drink at the same time. Enter the Tailgate Cup Holder hack.

It’s actually pretty simple and only requires basic kindergarten skills to make. In other words, you can even share this with your friends who are Falcon fans. Doh!

Special Note: This idea may be beyond the capabilities of Roger Goodell. Zing!!

Items needed:
1. Plastic plates
2. Solo cups
3. Pen
4. Box cutter
5. Double sided tape

Follow these steps:
Step 1: On the bottom of a plastic plate, trace the rim of a solo cup.
Step 2: Draw 3 intersecting lines across the circumference of the traced circle.
Step 3: Use a box cutter or similar blade to cut along the lines and fold the tabs back.
Step 4: Flip the plate over and push a solo cup through the plate.
Step 5: Secure the cup around the tabs with double sided tape.
Step 6: Reinforce the cup holder with a second cup.
Step 7: Stack easily with food and drinks and enjoy a spill free party zone!

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