The Mind of a Marathoner

This years Boston Marathon was yet another one for the ages. Mother nature determined that she would leave one last impression of her humbling power by casting dark rainy clouds over a cold Patriots Day in Boston. She even changed her mind and turned the anticipated silver lining of a tail wind into a fierce headwind.

We were perched upon our balcony at 26.3 with umbrellas in hand (and a beer in the other) to cheer on the hero’s of the greatest road race in the world (IMHO). In the days that have followed, we are humbled by the stories of amazing perseverance along the route. Runners, who just days earlier battled both physical and mental demons as they took the infamous right on Hereford and left onto Boylston swearing to themselves ‘never again will I run a marathon’, now find themselves to be hypocrites with thoughts of doing it all over again. With the realization of “I didn’t die” spinning in their heads, here are “11 Thoughts Every Runner Has After Finishing a Marathon” from our friends at Runners World.

  1. Once you finish, you feel a twisted combination of runner’s high and never wanting to run again. Like ever.
  2. You are so overjoyed to get a medal that you give a big, sweaty bear hug to the volunteer who gave it to you.
  3. Suddenly, stepping onto a curb is like climbing Mount Everest.
  4. But finding a shower was oh so worth it. In fact, this is the greatest shower you’ve ever taken.
  5. You could eat everything that’s not bolted down.
  6. That evening, you contemplate the social implications of wearing your medal to work the next day.
  7. Despite the sense of accomplishment, you decide a hiatus from marathons is in order.
  8. Your head hits the pillow, and you’re instantly out.
  9. Pulling yourself out of bed the next morning is virtually impossible.
  10. At the office–even if you do leave your medal at home–you get all manner of strange looks. Your new mantra: Hobble with pride.
  11. Within 24 hours, you’re signing up for another marathon.

Congrats to all the participants in the 119th running of the Boston Marathon. You are all inspirations to so many. We look forward to ‘enabling’ your desire to run.

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