Walk the Walk

April is here, which means the marathon is just around the corner. You’ve likely seen runners preparing for the big day, cruising up and down Commonwealth Ave. Your co-workers who are participating are sharing their training war stories and likely hitting you up for donations. It’s almost as bad as girl scout cookie season.
All this talk about running may have you thinking there is something wrong with you if you don’t run; ever. My advice would be to ‘walk it off’. That’s right, walk. Walking is arguably a healthier alternative to running. You can receive many significant health benefits from a consistent walking plan.

1. Walking produces far less wear and tear on your body. This means less chances for injury.
2. Walking can help prevent and/or manage many health conditions
3. Walking can strengthen your bones and muscles
4. Walking can improve your mood, balance and coordination
5. Walking can burn more fat than running because your body stays in the ‘fat burning’ zone versus the ‘carb burning’ zone.

The more you walk, the greater the health benefits.