Receive a Complimentary Somadome Session

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What is it? It’s a personal meditation Dome; a space to calm your senses, relieve stress, and increase focus.

How does it work? While sitting comfortably inside the Dome, you will be guided gently through a meditation of your choosing and immersed in a dome of healing color & light. Crystals are embedded in the Dome’s back cushion, which are meant to align with each of the 7 Chakras and promote balance + healing by clearing any energetic blockages. The dome is also embedded with a large magnet, allowing your body’s natural energy to be restored.

Benefits? You can expect to experience benefits associated with meditation: greater calmness, increased focus, enhanced creativity, more balance, as well as less stress and anxiety, and reduced negative emotions. You will also benefit from the healing properties associated with the color, binaural beats, crystals, and magnets.

Best time? Anytime! Sessions leave you feeling relaxed, replenished, or recharged depending on your need and the track you select.

Length? Sessions are 20 minutes. Please have guests arrive five minutes before their scheduled session.