Hypervolt Go

Hypervolt Go


The Hypervolt Go was designed to move with you. It gives you portable percussion massage in a perfectly light and powerfully small package so you can take it to the gym, on the road, and everywhere in between. Get the muscle relief you need so you can keep going. And then go again. The Hypervolt Go’s compact, ergonomic design helps it fit perfectly in your hand and easily in your bag so you can bring serious muscle-massaging relief with you anytime, anywhere.

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What’s included with your Hypervolt Go

  • Hypervolt Go

    The actual device

  • Head attachments (2)

    To tailor the device to best suit the area you’re focused on

  • Power supply

    To charge your device

  • Additional plug adapters (3)

    To keep your device charged no matter where you are